On 25 June I found myself in Penang a destination I hadnt contemplated visiting and was brought to for work. After almost three months in Singapore I was going on my first business trip – a tech product briefing at National Instruments (http://singapore.ni.com/) plant in progressive Penang! Penang is an island-stat ... [Read More]
It hit me on my way home from work last week. While sitting on the train I awoke to the epidemic that has taken a hold of so many innocent people. Dun dun dun… Screens! Everywhere I looked I saw screens! The horror! Were fixed on them like a moth to the flame. We walk down ... [Read More]
If your Facebook feed looks anything like mine youre getting a handful of Upworthy and Buzzfeed links telling you that you wont believe what happens next. The more stories I see of this nature the more I wonder if we even really look at the content that we share or for that matter if ... [Read More]
Not just another internship Being in your twenties is unquestionably the most pivotal time in your life. The mistakes and decisions you make in this decade dictate your future. People say your 20s is the time where you leap into becoming a monumental success while hustling and earning the life you desire most. This was probably ... [Read More]
Suppose I were to start by saying I have almost zero affinity with kids. The last time I attended a 4-year-olds birthday party I made the birthday girl cry when she caught me ditching my unfinished cake. (Hey I was really full ) Also a kid threw up on my feet when I ... [Read More]
During the week of the MediaCorp Subaru Palm Challenge 2013 Motor Image held its Regional Media Test Drive where selected media got the chance to put a variety of Subaru vehicles to the ultimate test at the AWD track located at Turf City. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to test drive and ... [Read More]
Kreme of the crop October 4, 2013
Living in Singapore for close to 3 years I can pinpoint one thing Singaporeans are extremely passionate about Food. In sunny Singapore there is a massive amount of hype when it comes to food or eating establishments – be it the chicken rice at Maxwell or the Wonton Mee at Old Airport Road. This intense ... [Read More]
Last week I had the pleasure and privilege of spending the week in New York. While the time difference was a bit of a killer (I was the person that barely slept in the city that never sleeps) it was great to meet and interact with people a world away from Singapore. A highlight of my ... [Read More]
At one of my first ever PR internship interviews I was asked to write a few lines on what traits I thought good PR clients should display. Never having managed a client or an account prior to that day I found myself grasping at straws while trying to somehow put myself in the shoes of ... [Read More]
Inmarsat in partnership with Jasnikom one of the leading wireless telecommunication service providers in Indonesia recently held Energy Spotlight in Jakarta to showcase tailored satellite communications solutions for the energy market. Energy Spotlight featured the latest satellite solutions that help increase explora ... [Read More]