Saturday Night Special: Press Ball

Posted by • April 18, 2012 • Category: Rice Roll

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Last Saturday, Grace and I attended the Press Ball, a gala dinner marking 40 years of the Singapore Press Club. The last time that the Press Ball had been held was ten years ago, making this a really big occasion for anyone and everyone who is part of the media scene in Singapore, and they were very nearly all there. During his speech, Patrick Daniel, President of the Press Club, pointed out that they had to cap attendance at the ball at about 450 people, because it was so popular.

The dinner was accompanied by a full programme, including a retrospective of Singapore’s media, a live band, and a lucky draw.

Former President, SR Nathan, graced the ball as its Guest of Honour. The highlight of the Ball for me was his fireside chat, where he was joined on stage by five “generations” of journalists, and he demonstrated that his mind was still sharp, and his ability to express himself was undiminished by age. He shared a little bit about his own experiences, about what it was like being part of the generation that built Singapore, and offered nuggets of wisdom about family, immigration, and computers.

(“I’m from the BC generation,” he said, laughing. “Before Computers.”)

Actually, the whole night was grand and a little over-the-top, just the way a ball should be. Everything was a slightly larger than life, from the greeting line and red carpet in the foyer to the hundreds of beautiful people who attended, dressed to the nines in suits and elegant dresses.

Entertainment and food were top-notch, and the icing on the cake came right at the end, when Patrick Daniel himself walked around to our table to thank us personally for coming. Grace took the opportunity to get a photo – don’t they look stunning? 

grace and patrick

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