Could social networks help ease phishing?

Posted by • February 2, 2012 • Category: In the News


The relationships built in social media networks could someday be used to protect you from spear-phishing attacks or spam, based on who you interact with and the trust you build with those people, according to TrustSphere, which has already built “trust maps” for email.

TrustSphere founder and CEO Manish Goel told ZDNet Australia in an interview that trust is important because of spear-phishing attacks — phishing attacks that are highly targeted, often using social engineering, to make themselves seem trustworthy or from a reputable source. TrustSphere’s maps assist users by judging how much they can trust an email based on whether the user can be identified, the authenticity of the email and previous emails sent by that person.

Read the complete article on ZDNet Australia.

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