Company Off-site 2012: Macau

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Checking in at Changi Airport! (There are a couple of people missing from this photo.)

[written 15 Jan 2012]

As I write this, I am sitting in a bus full of RICE people – all being very quiet, pensive perhaps. If you know us at all, you’ll know that situation is very rare and unusual. It’s the last day of our company offsite to Macau, and we’re heading to the Macau International Airport on Taipa.

Macau is made up of three bits, or what used to be three bits. Macau itself is a peninsula, an almost-island connected to the mainland by a strip of land. Then there are the two islands, Taipa and Coloane. Three long suspension bridges connect Macau to Taipa, and Taipa and Coloane are now effectively one island, because the space in between them has been reclaimed. It’s now called the Cotai Strip (Co from Coloane, and Tai from Taipa) and it’s where the famous Venetian hotel and casino sits. I am full of all sorts of Macau-related trivia, because we’ve just spent three days here.

We do a company offsite once a year, for about four days. It’s a reward for a year of hard work, it gives us all a little break, and it lets us interact in different ways than we do in the office. Most of all, it is the time when we have adventures. Last year, we went to Beijing, and this year, we spent four days and three nights in Macau. Now some people say that there isn’t anything to do in Macau besides go to the casino. Not true. Aside from enjoying the food and going on a full-day tour, we managed to spend a day at the Venetian and generally had (as I said) adventures.

Shruti bungy-jumped from the Macau Tower, tallest jump in the world. Donna did a Skyjump from there, which is like a bungy-jump, only it’s a controlled descent so it took 17 seconds for Donna to get from up there to the ground. Edwina managed to almost lose her phone. John fell completely in love with the pork chop buns at the local eating house (I did, too). Debbie won a little prize. Shireen clobbered the slot machines. Grace took photos of everything. Sonya got hit with the flu almost as soon as we got there, but bravely soldiered on. We all got rained on a lot, and I found the not-so-secret upstairs bit of the Starbucks at Senado Square, which is now my favourite Starbucks ever.

See? Adventures.

Now we’re at the end of our trip, and maybe a little tired. The Macau International Airport is supremely scary, since the runway is basically a long, narrow island, so let’s hope that there aren’t any more adventures, and that we get home safely.

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